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2010 Runs At Paws

June 24, 2010


2010 Song Lyrics

June 23, 2010

Some times you run across a song that touches your heart.  Maybe its the tune that speaks to your heart, maybe its the words that speak to your mind, maybe its both.  This song spoke to me a long time ago and I just pulled up the words…  I love this song, I think its […]

2010 Rushs First Trials

June 22, 2010

Wow! I never thought that we would reach this day! I am not one to cry, however, this does bring tears to my eyes seeing my little girl be pain free. Not only is she pain free, but she is able to run! Unbelievable . This is video of her first two trials. I have […]

2010 May Prairie Dog

June 22, 2010

Banking off the tunnel I was running in these with two knee braces 🙂 Yeah, tape it together if it wont go on its own! LOL. Felt slow and sluggish but my dogs looked relatively good. This was the trial that Baby got her MEX title making her a 4 time champion in 4 different […]

2010 AKC April – Ice

June 22, 2010

I am very happy with these runs.  Ice’s weaves in these runs are great, as well as an awesome layer in our second standard run.  I was still injured so nothing but walking for me … bummer.  But Ice performed best he could and I think we are coming along nicely.

2010 June 18 – Puppy Pick

June 18, 2010

A good friend of mine is about to get a new puppy. Wonderful time!  Bringing home a new baby, how exciting!  Also nerve racking.  It got me thinking  about when I brought home two of my additions.   The breeder called me and told me that my puppy was ready to pick, she had chosen […]

Updated Acesy

June 14, 2010

When we got out of bed (around 11:30) I had to call Acesy’s vet to see what we needed to do.  They wanted us to come in.  So again Katelyn and I hit the streets  lol.  I told her that we really needed to find something more exciting to do together than hanging out at […]

Jo Jo Injured

June 14, 2010

Last night around 10:00 I was letting the dogs up for their potty break and I noticed our deaf Jo Jo was moving stiff.  Greg said he saw blood on him so I brought him up for a good look.  Sure enough, his under belly had a huge cut.  Katelyn and I got dressed, loaded […]

Acesy Injured

June 8, 2010

Acesy is my daughters 6 year old papillion.  Last Tuesday he yelped when Katelyn as out of the room and then his back legs were not moving correctly.  We took him to the vet on Wednesday and they xrayed and found nothing.  We decided to give a steroid injection and then predisone tablets after.  On […]