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Not Only Accepted – but “I got your back”

7 Weeks Thor3

I thought I saw something last night but wasnt positive until today when I saw it again.  Not only has my Ice man accepted baby Sin but he is protecting him  🙂  When Rip tried to go see him Ice put himself between them and showed teeth until Rip moved away.  Wow… I am so excited to see my boys take this little newcomer in.  Everyone in the crew has accepted him.  Of course Acesy says no thank you, even if you are my size and Carbon says there is plenty of room for both of us to be here ‘ in opposite corners!  🙂  but all is good.

This morning Sin met the horses and the goats and the whole feeding routine.  It was a bit overwhelming for him so afterwards he took a BIG nap.  🙂  He is doing awesome.  We are headed out to the horses in a bit.

Epic, Ice and Sin went out to play ball.  He caught on to the “lets go” routine really quick and took the opportunity to potty both times.  Good boy.   🙂   More later.  Gotta go play with a puppy.


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