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Getting Back On Track

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At least trying like heck.  The addition of a puppy sure does not lighten ones load but we are managing.  It takes a village to raise a child and I assure you, it takes no less than a family of four and a pack of educated canines to raise a puppy!  Sin is keeping us all hopping.

I am feeling better now, little at  a time so back to my agility practice starting yesterday.  Ice and Epic are loving that and doing well.  I can’t believe the difference in Epic.  It is like he has suddenly turned on to agility.  Working away, hitting harder entries, keeping more bars up.  Amazing.  And of course my little Ice man is a super star on his drive and wraps.  I wish his mom were a little more of a star for his contacts.  🙂

It has been snowing cold here, so the feeling about going out other than to potty the puppy is minimal.  Not as much play going on so the house is a little amped.  Of course little Sin is into everything.

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