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10 Weeks Old

The Avengers are now 10 weeks old.  Wow how time flies, they are all so grown up now.  sniffle sniffle.   Naw!  Not really!  They are all still babies!  🙂  Sin seems to be growing some legs and one of his ears is now standing off his head.  I realize that they have many more positions before the final one, but boy is it cute.  🙂

Katelyn shot these cute photos before she left – a moment in the life of Sin  🙂

IMG_6055 IMG_6056 IMG_6059 IMG_6060 IMG_6061

Notice how no one actually tries to “rescue” the shoe.  They are too busy shooting!  And this shoe actually came from the photographers foot, in an attempt to get Sin to move away from the camera!  lol

I know this blog is not a Sin blog but there just hasn’t been too much going on the agility front.  Oh, I did figure something out.  I wondered why I was always so amped about teaching the puppy type tricks or new tricks to Sin and Carbon and also Ice but then I fade out.  I thought it was an interest thing for me, but I realized yesterday that it is not.  What a relief!!!  However, it is a problem for me.  You see once you get past the elementary type tricks then you have to be more clever as a trainer and string together the more advanced stuff.  Wow!  Revelation!  Duh!   Thats me, scared of the advanced stuff.  So, back to work for Ice and I working some advanced things.  I hope to share those things coming up.

A funny from one of Sins training sessions.  I sometimes train near my stairs.  Sin on one side and Epic somehow showed up on the other side.  I was trying to get Sin to use his paws (which he does not like to do when I am trying to capture it).  But every time I would present my hand Epic would place his paw on the stairs.  Hysterical.  Poor boy wants to do some training.   I have never had a dog that did not want to use his paws, well, he does the paw on the noodle but he doesn’t want to shake or paw your hand.  🙂 We will keep working.  He does know sit, down, stand. head down, squirrel, paw noodle, mouth touch clicker target, nose touch hand target (doesn’t like that one), walk around poles, perch, get in the box, look, and we just started spin.  These are of course not in stone on verbal only, but they are not lured – there is a verbal with the first 3, the rest are offered.  🙂  We are having a blast.  He is sleeping with Greg and I and taking naps in his crate quietly.  He also is quiet during time outs which we do during the day so he will get used to his crate and when he gets over the top crazy and needs a break.   Most of the dogs love him and play with him, there are a couple still holding out – my older females, go figure!  But the boys love him!  More later, have to go feed some horses.  🙂


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