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Super Star Ice

March 23, 2013

Ice didn’t get to play in Nationals, but he was certainly another one of my super stars.  His job was to show little brother around, and show him that there was nothing to be afraid of.  He certainly did a great job of that.  Sin follows him around (like a puppy dog lol) 🙂 like […]

Puppy Packed Weekend

March 23, 2013

     I made the decision to take Sin last minute.  I thought at first it would be too much – five dogs going.  He actually did an amazing job all weekend.  We played, we trained, we rested, we socialized.  He adapted to everything I threw at him.  I was packed with lots of treats every […]

2013 AKC Nationals

March 23, 2013

Wow!  🙂   Thats what I feel about these nationals.  It was one of the few Nationals that I just truly enjoyed.  My road trip was with hubby and 5 dogs.  It was just like we like it “uneventful”!  Well, unless you count the “dot” incident!  Seems that little Sin chewed a small hole in Ice’s […]


March 16, 2013

love coming home from a weekend of trialing and feeling like I had such great accomplishments.  We did not qualify a lot, but we certainly had a lot of things go very right. As you already know I decided not to worry about Ice’s contacts anymore.  It has been a very hard and painful road […]

USDAA – Ice Team

March 9, 2013

(not from this weekend) What a wonderful day!!   Ice and I competed in USDAA Team today in Castle Rock.  He rocked his courses!   🙂   I was worried since we had not done much practice and I have not run at all, but seeing that AKC Nationals with Baby are next weekend I thought we better […]

Ice Opens Gate

March 7, 2013

I remembered this video from a long time ago.  I was just telling someone how Ice does this for me.  Everyday after the horses I tell him “open” and he pushes the dog to free all the dogs.  Thought I would share because it was so blasted cute. This is the silliness that is Ice!  […]

Sin 12 Weeks Old!

March 5, 2013

Thank you to Katelyn for doing my video update.  We shot our updated tricks (most of them anyway).  We are working on more!  But I think we are doing a great job.  Sin is having a ball with all the dogs, cats, horses, goat,  and people.   I am very pleased with him.  I need to […]

Lots of Firsts!

March 1, 2013

Last night we had our very first puppy class.  🙂  It was really very nice to be “in” a class rather than teaching a class.  This is the first set of classes that belong to my daughter.  It is so cool since I remember starting my dog training business when I turned 18.  The class […]