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All Teeth, No Bite

May 31, 2013

Sin is in his second round of puppy classes.  Not because he failed the first round of course but because my daughter is cutting her teeth on teaching and both these rounds have been her courses that she is teaching.  She is doing awesome by the way, but that is neither here nor there for […]

Personal Find

May 30, 2013

I am sad today to admit that I had a hard time responding to someones post.  I am sad because it forced me to take a look at myself, something that I apparently am not comfortable doing.  They had paid me a compliment in which the natural “thank you” was a correct response but what […]

24 Weeks!

May 28, 2013

This mornings weigh in was 34# and the measurement (not conservative, but more right on) was…  wait for it…..    20 1/2″!!    All of my measurements have been pretty conservative because one little wiggle and you have a new height.  Today I asked Katelyn to help me and I think this is pretty much right on.  […]

Logan Utah Photo and Video Fun

May 21, 2013

These ducks were sleeping out in front of our room  🙂 They were also in the back when we were there.. weird.   Tennis ball, frisbee, bone and the monkey… okay, now I can nap.

23 Weeks! And Logan Utah

May 21, 2013

Sinner is now 33 pounds and 19 3/4″.   He is still all leg, but is now learning how to use those legs and coordinate. He loves the water!  The more it moves the move he loves it!  He comes running whenever I turn on a water faucet for the animals outside.  This past weekend after […]

Kansas Runs and Photo Fun

May 16, 2013

I thought that they would like taking “sheepy” on the Kansas car trip.  I was right! 😉 They took turns resting their heads and body on it. We had to take the car on this trip instead of the truck, but Greg rigged a seat extention so they had all the back seat with lots […]

Kansas Fun

May 15, 2013

Okay, I know we don’t think there is much to do in Kansas (and there isn’t) But!  We sure did have a good time in Kansas this past weekend.  We went back to the place, venue and club where Ice Man had his very first trial.  He started in NADAC 4 years ago almost to […]

Returning Home (so to speak)

May 6, 2013

Ice and I returned to NADAC this past weekend after four years.  It was a sweet homecoming but I will have to admit a little  strange to be back after so long.  Ice’s first competition ever was a NADAC trial in Lawrence, Kansas – one of my favorite ever places to compete.  After Baby’s last […]

Instructor Take – More Rambling

May 3, 2013

Being an instructor is not an easy job.  Some say “but you get to do what you love”.  Yes, true, kind of.  What I love, is working with my dogs.  What I love is teaching others the joy of agility which is getting to work with dogs.  What I love is the relationship of the […]

Disappointment.. ramble

May 1, 2013

Common but sometimes hard to get over.  Ive been thinking a lot about it, why it is so hard to adjust too.  You had your heart set on something, then it falls through and you are understandably disappointed.  I remember when I was young I was a dancer.  I danced competitively and thought that it […]