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Archive for June 2013

Cold Turkey Much???

June 19, 2013

Oh man!  I think I must be crazy.  Have you done the “cold turkey” thing much?  Just given up something all at once.  It’s crazy right?  I know sometimes it is what you need to do but it seems like lately it is all my crazzz.   I need “restart” and “clean starts” so I use […]

Sinner – 6 Months Old

June 14, 2013

No mom can ever believe “already?”   but yes, already!!!   There has been no change with Sin’s weight or height for two weeks.  I certainly am hoping for  a little more growth.  He is starting to fill out but still has the gangly puppy leg thing going  🙂   He is such a wonderful little boy and […]

NW2 Ice Man Superstar!

June 10, 2013

Photo by Stover Photography Yesterday Ice and I skipped agility for a  Nosework trial.  🙂  As it turns out, it was well worth it.  We obtained our NW2 title!  I was SO proud of him!   With the pass of each element the nerves went up a little.  This was our third attempt at this title.  […]

Black Forest Photo Fhun

June 3, 2013

🙂   always great to have photos.  🙂  Katelyn shot some great ones. Sinner was AWESOME.  He showed great impulse control all weekend.  He loved on people, let kids run by him, let dogs in his space and listened well to his mama.  I could not be happier.  Most of the weekend he went without his […]

Ice Man Gets A Contact!!!

June 3, 2013

photos from MDS Brighton We were playing agility this weekend at Black Forest Park in Black Forest.  We got to play in beautiful weather in a nice and relaxed setting (most of the time).  🙂  I say mostly because anytime you have an event in a public park the public shows up.  Mostly clueless with […]