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Student Perspective

Last night I had my agility 1 class with little Rue (Sin).  This is a class that I really enjoy. It is small and laid back and it is not taught by me!  This class is taught by my daughter and she really does a great job. Not only do I get to participate in the class, but I also get to have an eye on me and what I may be doing correctly or incorrectly.

I thought of my students because part of last nights class included some things that I am sure all students go through at one time or another.  Many of us practice in between lessons and have our own stuff that we work on.  Last night the instructor had us do something that I had already been practicing on my own.  At first I was a little disappointed at what we were going to work on because I had already done some of it on my own I felt I wanted to do something else.  Of course the sequence was not exactly the same, as a matter of fact it was what I thought was a weak point for me and Rue.  However, I quickly realized that I was not in class to A) work only the things I wanted to work and B) work only the things I was good at.   LOL  I did chuckle because I suddenly heard some of my students in my head.

The reason that we go to class is to learn.  Sometimes we get to show off skills we have, sometimes we get to learn things we have never done and sometimes we get to do things we need more practice on.  As an instructor I know the hardest thing is to get people to move out of their comfort zone.  I know we all want to do what we “can” do and don’t always give thought to the “possibilities” of what we could learn if we tried.  🙂   I have been working on my attitude toward my training for so long now that I was able to see what I was doing in class as far as shutting down a little about what I was afraid of.  Because I had decided that during my down time I was going to work on this fear thing I was very much aware of what I was feeling and put it in check right away.   Although class is set up for ME to come and work my dog and learn, class is not set up for ME.  As it turned out there were a few of the skills that we did really well that I was unsure of.  And as it turns out we were able to do more that I thought we could.  But, the key to this was my keeping an open mind to what was being offered and keeping my fear to myself.

Whether or not I work things is up to me, what the instructor plans for a particular evening is up to them, what I get out of a class is totally up to me.  As a student we must remember these things, try things, fail at things, excel at things – it is all in a good nights work.  The only way to get good at something is to work through it, and not be afraid of it.  We learn most from the mistakes we make, rarely do we learn from what we already do well.  That is the hard one for me, but I am working through it.  🙂  It is really awesome to have an instructor, and to have an instructor that is keeping an eye on you and  for you!  😉  We may not always like what they say, but  they are usually right.   And they usually have some really great ideas.

Happy practicing!!!  🙂


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