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Medical Update #3

Okay.  We have the final verdict.  I went back to the doctor that did my treatment on my muscles last week.  He said my hips stayed level (that was good) he also said that I was about 75% better than last week on some things.  However, I still had a lot of pain. He said he would suggest having the gluteous area scoped as mentioned..  He said that he would not say to do it on it’s own, but since they will already be in there it will just mean another port rather than an entire procedure.  😦     So three holes is better than two.  😦

Anyway, he talked about what to expect after the surgery – expect soreness, expect inflammation.  He also said that it is going to take physical therapy, rest and time.  So that is it.  🙂  I am not good at any of those things,  lol, this ought to be interesting!   🙂

The good thing is the doctor said although this is a side track to what I want to be doing, he feels that in the end I will be up and running and doing what I need to be doing again soon.

Next week, rent crutches and mentally prep.




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