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Enjoying The Training

During my down time of about 5 months I decided that I would do some quality training and re-training of my dogs.  It was a really good decision on my part.  I was adamant that I would not take time from Ice’s competing to retrain his contacts because I knew it would be about six months .   However, since I have to be down the decision was easy.  I have been getting a lot of really good training done of Epic and Sin, and some really good retrain for Ice on contacts.  Our Aframe is now at full height as of last night so we have not run it yet but I was surprised that we were that close to full height already.  We only moved it about once a week and with six weeks under our belt we made it to full height.  Our teeter is not going as well, still hit or miss.  Our dogwalk is down low, just started working that but have been having great sessions.  Sin has been doing awesome with his sequencing.  I am realizing things he has not learned yet so this has been good for him as well.  I only jump him at 10″ still and don’t do a lot of wraps but he has learned them.  Our contacts are just the last plank (lowered) of the dog walk and bottom performance only on the a-frame (haven’t done that in a long time though).  Taking our time has been great.  Epic is really doing well, trying hard for me.  I have learned to be more patient with him, working out well for both of us.

The really cool thing is the lack of pressure to rush through and push my dogs too hard.  Since I know that I cannot compete for months there is no impatience on my part.  The sessions are short, laid back and very positive.  All three of the dogs are very happy puppies.  They really enjoy their sessions and I am enjoying working with them.  It is amazing what a little pressure does to a person and what a little less pressure can do for a person.

I am certainly not happy about what has happened with my hip but I am very happy about the things it has meant and will mean for my agility and my dogs going forward.  It has also given me lots of time to readjust my thought process of the whole thing.  So far this is a good thing.  🙂


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