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Medical Update – #4

Everything went fine for the surgery.  They took great care of me at the hospital.  I have to say that just about everything they said included a phrase like “sure, but you probably wont remember”…  well, I do , I remember every detail at every step.  So whoever the two students were that were having an argument with me about what I would remember (and you both know who you are and what this was about )..  I REMEMBERED IT ALL   🙂   Just saying.  Anyway, things went well as I said.  They found the labral tear, made the repair, found a bone spur and removed that.  They also removed some bursa in my side (I have no idea what that means or if I am even saying it right) but I do know that means I have three holes in my leg that now need to heal.  The doctor feels this will do a lot to helping me be pain free.   Yesterday I spoke to the PT guy.  He was REALLY excited that I did agility, but sorry that does not make me more excited about P.T.  That starts on Monday and I hate it already.  He gave me a page of exercises that I could do in my sleep, why do I need someone watching me.   Every doctor I have knows how much I HATE HATE HATE P.T. so that will probably be the most painful part of this whole thing.

As for the nausea, I felt it the second I got out of surgery and pain as well.  They did talk me into doing a nerve block, but assured me it was nothing like the nerve block I had in my shoulder and it was not.  They did an awesome job managing the drugs to keep me comfortable and the second out of surgery they gave me meds in the i.v. and I was much better.  I took a pain med at 9:00 on Wednesday evening to make sure I was ahead of things, mostly because I didn’t know what I would feel once the block and hospital meds wore off.  Once the nausea returned I knew I would not be taking any of those.  Yesterday they did give me heavy duty meds for nauseasa (the ones they give chemo patients they said) and the patch while in surgery, but that was all they could do, So I  decided if I didn’t need need meds for pain I would skip.  So far so good.

I am up today, 30% weight bearing, got that.  Shhh, but went and played chuck it with the dogs because everyone in my house kept telling me later and they kept saying now.     So at least the pups were happy.  Ice and Sin have been amazing with me… so careful around me.  Epic tries, but he is just Epic.

Anyway, took a shower today and  feeling better all cleaned and got all the writing off my leg.  lol    I am taking it easy through the weekend, best I can.  I know my family is tired already, so I am trying to do more for myself.  Keep you posted.  OH…. my hip is hideously swollen!   🙂   Just saying!!!!  Yuck big time.   🙂


Till later… thank you everyone for all the well wishes, cards and flowers.   🙂   They have all made me smile in this time of trauma and drama.  Thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.  🙂


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