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Medical Update – #6

Went for my two week appointment today… she was looking to take out the stitches that hubby had already done for me.  Said all looks good.   Got my lecture for not going to physical therapy, that lasted a while.  She showed me what not to do – yeah, kind of figured all that already.  🙂  Have been off crutches for two days.  It feels pretty good.  She says the pain I have now is all normal and from them having to go through all these muscles to do the work and then the work itself.  “No running, jogging, turning, pivoting or other agility related stuff”.   What?????????????   LOL  Yeah, kind of figured.  So, four more weeks of basic nothingness then we begin strength training, which by the way they want me in physical therapy to do, yep, cuz I would have no idea what to do anyway, and it is not like I own, oh say a stair climber, treadmill, stationary bicycle, free weights, two weight benches, ankle weights and an agility center.  🙂   I could probably never figure out how to build back up on my own with all the thousands of helpful internet sights and my gymnastics and dancing background    hee hee    Anyway, I know, I know.. they have to say that, it is important… got it.

So, bottom line, how am I feeling?  Pretty good.  I got to get up and do housework today.  🙂  Tomorrow Katelyns Auntie comes into to town to see us over the weekend and we are going to go out and house sit for a friend with Katelyn.  I think it will be a blast to just hang out away from our zoo for a little while.  Looking forward to it.  Hubby has authorized it so we are going  🙂  No one told me  how difficult it would be after surgery to keep your head.  Surgery was actually the easy part, but not being  physically able to do anything sucks!  My husband and family have been awesome helping and not complaining so I am deeply grateful for their patience.  All my students have been extremely patient with me as well so none of that added to the stress.  However, not being able to work my dogs also stinks and I cannot wait to get back to that.  🙂   Four more weeks before what I do can even half way resemble training a dog, or agility but we will do what we can.  I am currently looking for a personal trainer to help get me back to better than before and trying to get my derailed caboose back on the tracks where it belongs.  Mostly, the mental thing is a killer but the physical is coming along as expected.

Thank you everyone for all the well wishes and cards and good thoughts and everything else, I have the best circle.  🙂



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