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Raising Kids 101

Every school day my son and I enjoy a “brief” conversation on the way home from school.  It is only a 10 minute ride, so it truly is brief.  Occasionally we take a ride to the store to grab a few things and swing by the Starbucks for a treat, that gives us about 20 minutes of conversation.  The ride from the school to the house always starts with “how was your day?” Good he says.  Then he asks about my day.  “How was your day?”  And I respond.  He is truly interested in what I say about my day.  He usually asks about the rest of the family and what they did.  It is hard for him sometimes I suppose because for the past 4 years he has been online schooled.  He always knew what the family was up to.  We had lunch together every day, we had our jokes and bad humor.  Now that he is in a bricks and mortar school he is a little out of the loop.


Mostly my son keeps to himself except for this school trip.  Not big on conversation.   My  husband and daughter have asked if I would like for them to pick the boy up from school and I always reply “no, it is the only time we talk”.  🙂   Very true statement.  Well, except for our dinner time banter which we share nightly as well.  My son is very intelligent, he has never been a normal “kid”.  And by that I mean, he has never been a normal kid since about the age of 10. He does not think of himself as a kid, neither of my kids feel that way.  They usually say “I don’t like kids”, to which I say “they are the same age as you”.  They respond with “yeah, I don’t like kids”.


Yesterday was particularly interested for me as our longer car ride brought on a better conversation.  It went like this:

Son: “I don’t like my generation”

Me: “Me either.   Why don’t you like them?”

Son: ” Some of the things they talk about”

Me:  “What was that?”

Son: “They were talking about partying, drinking, drugs, sex and naval piercings”.  “Things 15 and 16 year olds should not be talking about”.

Me: “Where?”

Son: “During class”

Me: “Wow, shouldn’t they be working on school work in class?”

Son: “Yes, but they talk all during class.  This is probably why their grades are what they are.  I have seen how they score on their tests. They should not even know about this stuff”.

I could only agree.  Now most of you know me.  You know my sense of humor.  Both my kids were raised by me and hubby and I believe they are both warped.  However, both of my children have apparently gotten the best points of what is most important. I was very proud of my son at that very moment.  As I am very proud of my daughter and how she is turning out.

Some people think that you can only be a good person and raise good kids if you follow strict guidelines.  If you attend church, fear God, don’t swear, don’t drink, keep your children away from rated R movies.  I have not only broken every one of those rules but I have shattered the pieces.  Not on purpose, just following ME.  Doing what I felt was right.  My children joke “can’t watch rated R movies?  We were raised on Die Hard!”.  My son says Teletubies and Die Hard… my daughter, Barney and Die Hard.  lol

I am not always proud of the things that I do.  I have a foul mouth when I am riled about things (politics, dog breeding, pet re-homing), I am not always proud of what comes out of my mouth.  But I have always been proud of what sits in my heart.  I am very proud of what my children have learned from me, (short of the swearing).  But I will say, my kids don’t drink, they don’t smoke, they don’t do drugs, they don’t swear, they have a very strong sense of right and wrong and they have a pretty good sense of self. Id say that they are turning out alright.  All of the worry, and fear and tears at night not knowing what to do.  Somehow, we figure it out and are doing alright.  🙂

So warped kids and spoiled dogs seem to be okay after all.  I think I will continue to follow my heart and raise my kids with a strong sense of self and a warped sense of humor.  Just like mom and dad!  We are doing alright!




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