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Medical Update #7

I had my third hip check up (3 month post-up) and I actually got to see the doctor!!!  Wow!!!  It was nice for a change.  The next good news was that he has given me the green light for activity, including my agility!!  I thought it was going to be another month until I had that light so I am thrilled!!!  He said there are no restrictions other than “common sense”.  He said that the pain I am having is probably scar tissue build up and so I have to make sure that I am really stretching it.

I am super jazzed about the release but also scared.  I thought that I would just get back into my agility with restrictions of movement from me but this weekend I have realized that it is actually going to take a lot more to work through all the stuff I need.  I have started easing into jogging and stretching but realize that I cannot get right into my agility the way I had hoped.  I am not in any kind of shape to keep up with my dogs on the courses I was eyeing.  lol.  So I have my dogs to keep in shape, myself to get into shape and the then put it all together.  I am feeling as though this may take longer to do than the four months I have given myself.  😦   Not so happy with that, but based on all the things I am working on, it will take what it take.

The dogs are doing well with my limited running but it will take a lot more to get them running easily with me.  At every turn I see how much more training I have to do.  Sometimes it feels like we will never get to the line (again) and then sometimes I just say thats okay.   One training day at a time, or so I try to tell myself and keep focus on me.

That is the hardest part, to keep it all on “me” and not on the expectations of those around me.  Or rely on someone elses feedback and take a lack of feedback to make me feel happy or sad.  It has to be from me, hard concept to grasp and keep with me.  There is so much changing right now, it takes everything I have to stay focused on what I know I need to do.  But it is new to me, I will get there… I just keep reminding myself, stay with what is important, let the rest go!.   🙂


Til l next time!!!!!




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