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There is a reason why they tell you that it is a bad idea to hang around people that are doing what you are trying to quit.  Like AA.  They don’t recommend that you be friends with those that are drinking.  If you are trying to give up smoking don’t hang around those that you used to smoke with.

It is really hard to fight your own demons without the pressure of trying to fight someone else s also.   I know what my problems are and what I need to stay healthy.  I also know what I cannot do or those I cannot be around.  They say that your mind will always try to make bring you back to what you believe yourself to be.  Statements like “I never win”, “I have nothing but bad luck”, “I am a loser … a smoker… an alcoholic…. a fat person”…. insert what you feel, but all these statements define who you want to be according to your mind.  In order to break out of that you have to tell yourself things as though you have already changed.  Its tough.  Its not like your mind can’t figure out the lies right?   But it is true.  You cannot feed yourself negativity until you start to feel better.  lol    What you do have to do is feel better so you can feed yourself things that you will accept as the truth.  Oh, now this just sounds like crazy talk to me.

The truth is you really do have to feed yourself the things that you need your mind to believe.  You have to believe that you are “good”, “lucky” “smart”…  you have to self talk your way into making you believe yourself.  🙂   And don’t say this out loud because I am sure you would be put away.   You have to make yourself listen to you.  I read once that you need to talk to yourself like you would talk to a good friend with the same problems that you have.  Ha!   As true as I know that statement is, that is one big order!  I am more mean to me than I would EVER be to a friend… and if you cannot be your own friend????  Yeah, that would be me.  Not a friend of mine – I have already removed me from my friend list on Facebook. lol   We do need to be better friends for ourselves, be more involved in how we treat ourselves.  Im working on it.  Fighting one demon at a time and trying to become the friend to myself that I am to others.  

Give yourself a break today!   And tomorrow, try to be a better friend.    🙂


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