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Eating Dessert First

I have always been someone that puts off the “great” stuff until last.  I believe that I was trying to savor it.  If I forced myself to eat chicken salad I would pile all the chicken in the corner and eat it last, I hate lettuce – boring.  If I had a meal that had fresh bread with it, I would save the bread till last (best part).  Christmas presents and birthday gifts needed to be opened slowly and of course last from everyone else (stockings too).  Good dishes?  Nice fancy clothes?  You get the picture.  I didn’t want to prolong the joys of these things, I wanted to prolong the joy lasting.  The earlier you do it the faster it fades.

I have a friend who has been trying to get me to go to Hawaii for years.  Hawaii!  Who doesn’t want to go there?  But the expense, the time…  yada yada yada.  Always put it off, waiting for the perfect moment.  The perfect time to get away.  But lately, I have been second guessing this prolonging thing, because waiting for the perfect time often meant it didn’t happen at all.  Seize the moment started making more sense.  I will never tell my friend that he had such an impact on my life (it would just make him hard to live with), but he has.  Not only did I decide now is the time and made my husband take me to Hawaii, but I also booked a 7-day cruise leaving out of Florida for our anniversary and told my friend that if he let us, we would love to return to Hawaii next year.

Crazy?  Yes, definitely crazy and fun and needed.  You just can’t stand by and wait for all the BIG things to happen.  Sometimes, you need to make the big things happen!!!  I know, I know, there are financial burdens, time burdens, job burdens.  Yes, and I am not saying you have to do big trips all over.  I am learning that it is okay to pull out the fancy china for a Wednesday dinner.  It is okay to wear the fancy scarf to go shopping and you don’t have to wait until after dinner to have dessert.  It is January 5 and I take giddy pleasure in turning on my outdoor Christmas lights.  Maybe I will be that neighbor that never takes down their lights.  When I was putting away all the Christmas decorations I mentioned to my husband that it was sad to take down the blue lights from the bar… he said “then don’t take them down”. hmm.. there’s a thought.  So, I didn’t!!!  🙂  And I love having my fire  downstairs, even when it is not so cold.  These are things that make me happy.  Why not do them?  Why wait for the special occasion?  I love the nights where the whole family has frozen yogurt for dinner.  Why not?  🙂   These are the days I want more of… the days I am having now.  They won’t always be fancy trips or vacations, maybe they will just be spending the morning brushing my horses or watching the snow fall from the dining room window… but they are my days and I am going to spend them doing what makes me happy instead of adding those things to  a list of what I will do one day when I have more time.  You can make time for those things that mean the most to you.  I am.  I will.   I am that important to me.  And I will have no regrets in the end, only great memories and being happy that I did it.  🙂


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