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Feeling Good

Feeling pretty darn good today.  🙂    Got a good check from the physical therapist.  My change of sleeping positions has helped.  My tailbone was a little off but took no time to put back.  Scar tissue in my leg is improving as well as movement.  I am able to jog three times as long and twice as fast as when I started.   The best news of all however, is that I have met my first weight goal!  My scale actually spoke nice to me this morning which has given me a much needed “boost” to keep going.  It has been a tough week for sure.  Giving up almost all of my comfort foods has really been difficult.  I have gone back to my Chais, but limited and not as a stress reliever.  They sure are good when I get to have them.  🙂  I also gave up another dinner time food (bummin) but felt I needed to step up the good eating a little more.  When I look back at the foods that I no longer eat I feel so much better than when I look at bad things I still do.

I was unhappy that I felt I needed to go back to the tea, unhappy that I have had frozen yogurt twice in the past two weeks and unhappy that I still grab the all natural peanut butter when I eat an apple.  However, I still do not eat red meat or pork, exchanged my pork bacon for turkey bacon (over a year ago), changed my bread to a flax seed and rarely eat it.I  Eat a lot of salads, nuts and fresh steamed vegetables.  I also start every day with a glass of water and drink the required water allotment  most every day.  Gave up soda completely. I have no seconds for dinner and prepare less food on my plate that I used to eat.  I recently gave up the dinner muffins (thats hard).   Have not had any cakes, cookies or candy for a month and a half.  The big one is I can now go to the movies without having candy or soda and I don’t feel like I am going to explode. I am okay with water and popcorn.  All of that has been really, really tough and I am sure there are other things I will remember later that have changed so I will forgive myself for my frozen yogurt and peanut butter until I feel that I will have to give that up as well.

Very pleased with my workouts and the strength, stamina and flexibility that I am gaining.  I am looking forward to my workouts now.  I make sure they always vary so I don’t get bored.  I am still a long way from becoming an avid runner/jogger… which is a goal of mine.  I find that mentally I get messed up too easy to do it always, but hope one day to love jogging.  I envy joggers and runners, wish I loved it.  Someone once told me that the first two miles was the hardest..  lol, thats when I knew my road was all uphill and unpaved!!  🙂   But, still a goal.  I get closer every day.

The dog training is going well.  I have brilliant dog training moments more often now.  I do feel bad though when I have them because I feel as though I should have had that thought a long time ago.   lol.   I don’t know how Ice’s contact will end up but based on my “no give up” attitude it doesn’t really matter.  I want running on him and know I would never be happy with a stop so if he does not get it this time, it won’t matter.  He is however loving the training and doing well.  I have decided to ditch the thoughts of Epic jumping 24/26 and just going with the 20″ now so that I can move onto sequencing more and worrying less.  Tired of fighting the bars.  He is such a wonderful dog, I would love to put him on a course before he retires  lol.   Sin, is awesome.  He loves doing his work!  He loves his play!  He is an awesome dog.  I am hopeful when I hear “you get the dog you need at the time” – because I needed him to be as wonderful as he is at this point in my life.  🙂  I promise, video of him soon.

I did run into some “tests” this week.  I try changing my attitude and evolving into the person I know I can be.  Sometimes you get tested on how strong those changes are.  I did pass, but I will admit I ranted and raved for a while!  I guess you can say “kickin and screamin ”   lol.  But I did get through it without turning to the binge eating.  My son has a draw FULL of candy in the kitchen.  I know it is there, I am the one who stocks it, but I never touch it.  Or the girls chips or the husbands swiss cakes.  So I guess I am truly getting these changes, although not easy ones.  🙂

Anyway, till next time.  🙂   Keep on keeping on.   🙂


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  1. You are doing great! Stay strong. I got comfortable and started giving in to little things. Then the darn wedding cake that came home… Needless to say I am working on my come back so I am with you all the way!!

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