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Know Your Triggers

Very important to know what sets you off.  Whether it is about being anxious, angry, depressed, happy, whatever the emotion, they all have triggers.  The triggers I am most aware of are the things that make me mad.  I do not come down off mad easily or quickly.  I wish my happy triggers kept me up as long!  🙂

Today I had an appointment with the hip doctor.  Trigger?  When I pay $25.00 to see his assistant.  It is not that I don’t like her or that I feel she will give me different information but I want to see the doctor.  Today I saw the assistant.  Trigger?  Repeating myself.  At the door the person leading me to the room asks hows it going, how is the hip.  I am usually very vague because  I know I will have to repeat myself again when the doctor comes in.  Yep.  Within 10 seconds I got to say it again.

While I am here I will just say, hip is okay, it is locking up.  They feel it is scar tissue, they offer a shot, they tell me to take my anti-inflammatory, they want to send me to a different p.t. person (I did not tell them that their p.t. place pissed me off and I don’t want to go with them).  Neither here, nor there.

So off to the grocery store.  Trigger?  The clerk runs my groceries down the conveyor squishing my fruit.  She does this every single time.  This time I told her she should be careful not to squish the fruit.  Oh, did I do that?  I am so sorry.  Would you like to go pick out some different ones?  Oh yes.  I would love to go all the way across the store again, and repick all my selections.  Or, you could just stop squishing my fruit.  I pick choice #2.

Trigger?  Someone standing in front of me and not moving in line.  You see I am coming through, you see I have a cart, you see that you are not actually in the line and yet you just stand there and I have to back up and go around.  Thank you, have a nice day.  Wish I were as special as you.

Yep, I am officially in a bad mood.  I am trying to shake the mood but like I said, I don’t come down quickly.  Talking myself off the ledge is something  I do a lot.  Yes, I am temperamental.  And yes, there are actually lots of things that do not piss me off but stupidity is not one of them.  I could rip my clothing, drop rice all over the floor, dump my purse upside down in the back seat and be late for an appointment.  None of these would piss me off.  However, give me one waste of time thing and we are through.  Be courteous, put your shopping cart away, don’t leave it in front of my car.  Don’t squish my groceries, don’t stand in the isle, don’t walk around like you are the only one in the world, don’t expect everyone else to pick up your slack. Don’t make me do something again that I JUST did, don’t make me repeat myself, don’t ask me questions you care to hear the answer, do not waste my time, this is something you can do all by yourself.  Don’t tell me something that is not true, do what you say you are going to do.  And for Gods sake, do not lie.

🙂  I will write again when the dark cloud above my head has moved over someone else.  Have a wonderful day!  🙂   No, really, have a wonderful day, you never know when someone is going to pull the trigger and you will spiral out of control, enjoy your blue skies whenever you can, I know I do.



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