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It has been a little over a week since I had the injection into my hip.  I have been feeling really good and able to run full out and do agility.    I think this is really a good way to utilize my time while I wait for surgery.   Up until last night I was feeling pretty good on that hip, however, this morning I am still sore from the workout so I think I will be taking it a little easier today.

I did get relief from the injection from the pain I was having on the back side and my back.  The pain I have now is on the side and the joint is still feeling good.  They said the injection lasts about 4 -6 weeks if it helps at all.  This coming week I have a doctor appointment with another doctor.  This doctor is kind of an adjustment doctor.  I want to get his opinion on my gluteous muscles and the two MRI’s.  I should be pretty prepared by the time I need to make choices.  Two and a half weeks to go.


I have always been a little bit of a workaholic.  Okay, a lot a bit.  I have always gotten a lot of satisfaction when a job was done.  I love the “before and after”.  Jobs were never too big, I was patient and just got into a “zone” about things.  The satisfaction that I got from doing a job for someone else was always a real high too.  It wasn’t all about money, but about a smile and a “thank you”.

I am a little unhappy that I have been unable to pass this down to my children.  They do jobs that I ask them to but really do not derive any pleasure from the “before and after” as I did and still do.  I don’t understand this.  😦  Being able to take pride in a job is important no matter what the job.  Without that I see a lot less pleasure in life don’t you think?  I mean, how can you go through life doing jobs or things that don’t really give you any pleasure.

I tell the story to my kids about a week pulling job I did one time.  It was a small yard full of weeds belonging to my boyfriends mother.  Since my boyfriend had to work I decided to pull the weeds in this yard.  All by hand, one at a time.  It was a very relaxing job and when it was done it looks wonderful.  She was happy when she came home from work.  Her other kids were not happy because I made them look bad.  lol   But it was not about that.  I wanted to do it and it made someone happy,  Actually several someones.   Another story was when I detailed a friends car while they were at work – surprised them when they got home.  Again, the satisfaction over a job well done, and a smile was really nice.  Something I could do to make someone else s life better.

Today I suckered the kids into helping me do a yard work job for my parents.  It was a lot of work I admit, but seeing it done made it worth it.  Plus, moving your body is good for you, healthy for your mind and your body.  I couldn’t convince them though, sadly.  And that made me sad in the end.  I wish they could find pleasure in a hard job done well.  🙂

I am not such the workaholic anymore, but will still throw myself into a huge project and receive the benefits of the job well done, for me or someone else.  It’s good to know that it is actually sometimes not “all about me”.  😉


Yesterday I went back to the doctor to get a few more of my questions answered. I took hubby for some mental external memory, so I wouldn’t forget what I wanted to ask.  I did get the additional information.  I also wanted to make sure that the additional pain that I have will go away after surgery.  The practitioner felt that it would but she suggested to be sure that I allow her to give me an injection into the hip joint.  If the gluteous pain was related I should feel relief in about a week or , if I do not get any relief we need to look further into that secondary pain.  😦   Needless to say again I am NOT a fan of needles.  After the MRI with contrast I was pretty wiped at the thought of anything needle related but I did feel it was the only way to reduce the possibilities.  Hubby helped with some mental support. 🙂   I did appreciate him being there either way.  I went with the injection, it hurt as much as I thought it would.  The practitioner said “its at least better than child birth” to which I responded “child birth had no needles”.  she was pretty shocked that I had gone all natural   lol   yeah, I HATE needles, I didn’t want one in my back for goodness sack … anyway, nor here nor there.   So last night my thigh was numb and today it is still a little numb.  Now the joint is VERY mad and very sore.  I can barely walk today with it but am told the soreness will only last a couple days.

When will this end!  Holy smoke!  Im pretty done now.  I feel like I am in a fog.  I did have a couple friends offer to take me drinking this weekend. Can I go now?  😉


One another note, here are some photos of that cow I wanted to adopt  🙂  Makes me smile.  Weird that I have never petted one or even been so close considering I live where I live.


IMG_4817 IMG_4820

I took some photos of my reorganized my sewing closet!

IMG_4828 IMG_4829 IMG_4830 IMG_4831

sure made my sewing easier last week when I needed to know if I had the right colors of things.  🙂  I didn’t have to go through all my containers.

And even better, today I got t.v. in my office!  Up until today I could only watch dvds.  Now I can watch anything that I want !!  🙂   Thank you hubby for the upgrade.  Some nice salesman came to the door last week and offered to reduce our bill, so he did and we got an upgrade!

I guess thats it.  A bunch of unrelated updates.


IMG_0057 IMG_0052

Isnt he awesome?  🙂  He is doing so well (Sin)  We call him Rue.

I am filling a little more in control this week.  I will go back to the doctor tomorrow as there are a couple things on the MRI reports that I need to address to make sure they are not overlooked.   When I am done with all this I want to be pain free and not have another “thing” going on that I will have to address.

Greg thinks he has found me an exercise bike, so that with my stair climber, my treadmill and my free weights I feel I am ready to tackle this thing.  And yes, I am going to start using all that stuff again this week, best to my ability.

I will say that nights have been horrible.  I have been putting off going to sleep because I know that I will not have a restful night.  Being an insomniac anyway I always have a little but lately the pain in my hip has been really bad.  Last night I had NO dogs on the bed and a perfectly good night sleep.  When I needed to turn off I could.  Usually there are at least three large dogs on the bed.  I don’t know how Greg pulled it off but my suggestion will be to do it again.  I need to have a dog free bed to rest.   Duuh, I know.  But what can you say when they all want to be with you.  Not like there aren’t four big beds, a carpeted closed and a padded bench that they can choose from.  Geez.   Anyway, I can’t feel bad, I need my sleep.

I have been working the dogs about five days out of seven.  Going well.  Somedays I move better, but always cautiously.  I am not sure if I can hurt something more or not, so that is what I will ask the doctor tomorrow.


IMG_0021 IMG_0023 IMG_0020 IMG_4140


I know it’s been a long time since I have written.  I have been pulling myself together and trying to figure out what is what.

As many of you know already I hurt my hip at an AKC show about a month ago and it just wouldn’t heal.  I have always had a lot of hip pain, but this was on a different level and the fact that rest did not help made me worry.  I went to my doctor another matter and brought up the injury.  She knows how long and how many doctors I have gone through for this so she suggested and set up an MRI.

I did the MRI and saw a doctor who read the results.  A labral tear.  What does it mean?  Surgery. We set the surgery date for Monday August 19th.  Meanwhile I went for a second opinion.  Second opinion suggested an MRI with contrast. Yep, it’s as awful as it sounds.  I had that done on Wednesday August 14.  Appointment to read it… oh, yeah THE DAY AFTER MY SCHEDULED SURGERY.   I had cancelled the surgery when I found out that the second MRI would be on Wednesday.  I figured there was not going to be enough time to process those results and move forward.  I was right.  Although the second MRI was Wednesday they never got back to me.  I called yesterday and they LUCKILY got me in today to read the results.   If there is hostility in my writing it is because so many things about this were crap and I am both angry at the results as well as the way things run in the medical system.

Anyway, the results are once again surgery.  The second MRI says:  “labral tear involving the anterior labrum extending from the base into the tip.  Also posterior extension to involve the superior labrum.  This tear involves at the least 50% of the anterior labrum.”   Yee haw.   The best part is the doctor I chose for the second opinion is much more busy than the first and my surgery is set for September 25th.  Yep, 6 frickin weeks out!!!

The other concern they have is why this happened.  The why may be the ball of the hip rubbing on the socket.  While they are in there they will test and shave the bone as needed.  Again, yee haw.   So, lets see.  While I am in the middle of my temper tantrum slash pity party I will add – two weeks on crutches (because they don’t want weight on it), three weeks of physical therapy followed by 4 weeks of strength building therapy for a down time of around 3 months.  He said it will take 9 months to be “as good as it will get” – running of any kind he said, not for about 4 months.  Oh, did I say yee haw?????????????

Okay, well the good news for now is that I had already decided to take my dogs out of competition for the remainder of the year and do training (which I have already started Ice’s retraining) and push the skills we need to be successful.  The puppy will be the victim of moms inability to move (oh, sorry that cannot be listed under good news).  And Baby will have to wait to attempt her last needed double Q (oops, also not to be listed under good news)…..   lets see, back on track… the good news is that I will live, I should be able to run again and play agility with my kids and I am thankful for all of that.

So, this is where we are.  Thank you to everyone who has been inquiring about me and the hip since I injured it.  I appreciate all your thoughts of good healing that you have sent my way.  And I am thankful that you will not have to experience any of the tantrum first hand  🙂   lol


Well so far our final double q has eluded us, however, we are very close!   lol

My wonderful little Baby dog is running awesome!  She was into some really fast times and great placements for the qualifying runs.  🙂  This weekend I am not playing conservative with either dog.  Great runs I thought today, not because they were necessarily spectacular but more of a very connected day.  I felt “brave”  lol   I ran with no worries.. now, how do you hold that????   I think I have some ideas.. but here, take a look.  🙂




Tonight after two long days of heat and trialing I come home and crash on the couch for some good old fashioned t.v. watching!  Sin comes in and drops a twenty pound rubber ball into my lap (okay, small exaggeration)… and the look on his face just made me smile.  He didn’t want me to throw the ball, instead he stands over me with his stupid grin (you know the one – tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth, drool dripping from his face) and as I pick up the ball he grabs it and starts this insane, impossible game of “tug-of-war” with a solid rubber ball and no possible way for a human to grip it!  He loves this game.  He loves me to always be involved..  Why do I smile?  Because of all the things this puppy could be doing and all the dogs and people he could chose to play with he chooses me.  He would rather hang out with me than do anything else.  I did this.  This dog found me worthy to love, he chose me.  And then I realized that so did my Ice man and my Baby dog.  It is pretty cool  when you think about it.  I look at my household (stacked with creatures) and all of them choose to be with me over anything else, even my insane Epic hangs out with me. It is a pretty fantastic feeling to know that you are able to cultivate a relationship that beats all, is mutually beneficial and just plain ole makes you feel like smiling.


Watching the look on my dogs faces today as we ran agility was nothing short of awesome!  I believe that agility is a partnership between human handler and doggie athlete.  I do not  take this bond lightly.  I take the privilege of  being able to run with my dogs seriously, I do not want to ever let them down.  It makes me happy that I can make them happy.


Some people think this is crazy, this bond with an animal but I know what it means to have something so precious.  I hope everyone can have that at least once in their lifetime.  As I watch my household aging it is hard.  It is hard to think that one day they won’t be here and I will be without them… but I try everyday to remember what is really important..  it is not the Qs or the ribbons or even the “great run” I get sometimes from my friends.  It is being able to run with such great partners that make me smile and being able to share something so wonderful with those people around me that understand this crazy bond, .  My dogs are understanding, forgiving and most of all they just love me with all my defects and short comings.  🙂  And I have come to realize today that my good friends love me with all that craziness too.  🙂   Today is a good day.

IMG_4254 IMG_4013b


Oh man!  I think I must be crazy.  Have you done the “cold turkey” thing much?  Just given up something all at once.  It’s crazy right?  I know sometimes it is what you need to do but it seems like lately it is all my crazzz.   I need “restart” and “clean starts” so I use weekends alot and cold turkey.

Last Monday my daughter and I decided to try our “no processed”  food thing again.  So that meant overnight I gave up my Chai tea, my bread, my coffee (daily thing for me), my soda, my sweets.  Oh man, what the hell was I thinking????  The first week was pretty hard.  At about day three we were scaling the walls.  Nothing but freakin water with lemon!  No coffee to jump start me.  By Sundays daddys day breakfast you would have thought we were just released from prison! My family was literally laughing at me for how fast I was eating. But oddly, after breakfast we both got right back at it.  Damnit!  🙂  It was pretty easy to do, I was surprised.   Oh!  I do have to say that my NICE mother decided to buy the “father” a pie.  An entire pie!  The deal was that he had to eat it THAT NIGHT.  Yes, an entire pie in one night… not MY problem I didn’t pick an entire pie as my choice.  Pick something I don’t like I say, what don’t you like he says, I don’t know I say…. so what does he chose???  Banana Cream Pie, smothered in whip cream.. are you kidding me????  That pie is still in the fridge.  At one point (a low point I might add) I threatened to take a fork and the pie and go have a little “one on one time”.   I didn’t, don’t worry, but the damn pie is STILL in the fridge.  I chose yogurt (made by me more or less) topped with a nectarine.  NOT as good as whip cream covered banana cream pie I will have you know.

So, this is week two.  I have managed a pretty good weight loss with no additional exercise added in yet, but today is rough!!!  And every time I go to the fridge for WATER or FRUIT that damn pie screams my name.. and I, scream my husbands name!!!  So onward we go.

This past weekend I decided I was not in enough pain so I happily (NOT) gave up my newest game addiction  😦   God, that is hard! I hated the game and yet I played and now that I don’t play I miss it.  However, more ugly chores are getting accomplished and I even made time to brush some horse manes yesterday and pull some weeds.   yay,,, fun…. Not.    Exercise right?  Yeah, that is how I looked at it.  I wasnt in the house opening the fridge and getting called by 1,000 calories.  I was out in the sun burning them.

Meanwhile, the girl and I are figuring out how to eat better, balance our meals more and start incorporating some more good choices into our day.  We still both have a horrible sweet tooth and are trying to manage that best we can.  Good luck to us!!!    AAAHHHHH.

So cold turkey rises:  Crossing my legs, giving up my game, giving up red meat, giving up pork, giving up processed foods (best I can).  I hope I don’t dump something else next week.  And hey, I am not saying I will not have a “cheat” day now and again enjoy my missing stuff.. so don’t hassle me if you see me with an extra hot, Venti Soy Chai, no water, six pumps..  ( fantasize much?)

I did, after all, get a “get well” card from Starbucks yesterday  😉



No mom can ever believe “already?”   but yes, already!!!   There has been no change with Sin’s weight or height for two weeks.  I certainly am hoping for  a little more growth.  He is starting to fill out but still has the gangly puppy leg thing going  🙂   He is such a wonderful little boy and I love him dearly.   As I had hoped, he is becoming so much like my Ice man but at the same time he of course has his own personality.


Sin loves to play in the water but specifically the hose.  He loves to bite the hose like Ice and Rush.  He will go in the pool, but much prefers to grabbing the hose when he can.  Now when we go out to the horses he runs right to the water bin to see if I will be filling it, then waits for the water to come his way.


He loves to ride in the car, chase the ball, play chuck it, and run.  His newest infatuation is the “Schnauzer”.   lol   Yes, the miniature schnauzer.  When she comes in at night he lays with his chin propped on her bed and stares at her.  It is cute for about half a second but then it starts to get annoying… now when he runs into the house he runs up to the Schnauzers crate and stares up to see if she is there.  If she is, that is where he will be hanging out.


He enjoys romps with little “twinkle toes” Envy, they chomp on each other for hours.  He sleeps in the bed with us still although I have to say he takes up much more room than he used to.  🙂   At least he doesn’t hog the blankets and doesn’t always take my pillow.

His tricks are coming along great always working on new ones.  I know I keep promising a video, but that takes time  😦  sorry.   His agility foundation is going well, nice and slow and not too much.  Mostly we play, and then play some more.  I am just making sure we have a recall and some focus with other dogs around.


His ability to just hang out at trials is good.  He is good with the other dogs, not friends, but he doesn’t go after them.  His herding is minimal but can been seen around horse feeding time and play time in between agility classes.  He is usually quiet in his crate but watching the other dogs do their agility.


So, making progress and growing up nicely.  He does require a brushing (yuck) and of course he hates it.. working on it.  But he does not have a “full” coat so I can’t whine too much.   🙂  lol    Okay, that about it…



IMG_2115Photo by Stover Photography

Yesterday Ice and I skipped agility for a  Nosework trial.  🙂  As it turns out, it was well worth it.  We obtained our NW2 title!  I was SO proud of him!   With the pass of each element the nerves went up a little.  This was our third attempt at this title.  With nosework you must pass all four elements in the same day, so one missed element and it is over for the title.  The last two trials we started with interiors and we missed one hide in each.. Total bummer.  And the worst part was both errors were handler error.

In this trial we started with exteriors followed by vehicles (two of Ice’s strongest elements).  I have to say though that Ice does not really have a weak element.  This guy goes to source and won’t stop until he finds it.  Exterior was a huge area, containing lots of pine cones!  🙂  A blacktop, two sides of a building and a basketball court.  Ice made a bee line out of the door and we just made a big loop on the perimeter.  The first one he found was in a pine cone.  The second one was at the door where we came out (well, to the right of the door) on a bench leg.  No back tracking for Ice man.  🙂 We were given 4 minutes for the search.  Ice took one minute, seven seconds.

Next was vehicles.  The odor was in the wheel well of one of 4 cars but it was deep in the well.  Unfortunately, we had not practiced alerting where he could not get to source and I had a really hard time making a call choice.  We have been drilled to always be specific on the calls and I just couldn’t.  I finally just chose and we got it but we wasted ALOT of time.  Had I known that we did not have to be exact Ice would have had this in about 20 seconds.  However, we took one minute, twelve seconds (we were given three minutes).

The next search was interior.  OMG!!!  I knew we had it, but I was worried still because of past misses in trial.  We were searching an elementary boys bathroom.  Yuck!!!  Two hides in this little tiny room stuffed with five people and a dog! I have to say Ice wanted to sniff the urinals that were at shoulder height for him – grossed me out.  I decided that only a really sick person would stick a qtip in the urinal so I pulled him off and pushed him on.  Thank goodness I was right or we would have blown our third attempt!  😉   We took one minute seventeen seconds.  Room two was a little office, one hide  – we took eighteen seconds!  🙂  We were given six minutes total.

The final and most nerve racking – containers!!!  Two hides, two and a half minutes… knowing that some of the containers could have food or toys in them made this most scary!  Tuesday in class Ice alerted on food!!!!   But, we got both hides in thirty four seconds and took a first place in containers!!!  Wow, was I surprised!  And VERY happy.

We also took second place overall!!!  What an honor that was!  And to think if we had not dinked around at vehicles I think that would have been higher.   Awesome, awesome!!

So, now onto the scariest level of them all!!!   NW3.

IMG_2113photo by Stover Photography

those that know me know that number 1 I HATE any photo of me… but this next photo is just so wonderful that I am sacrificing myself to show you.  Do not look at the human, instead look at the look on Icemans face.   Awwww…  🙂   I love this dog!!!

IMG_2110moment caught by Stover  🙂


Thanks for reading you guys and sharing our wonderful day!  🙂

Kelli, this is the end of my blog post 😉